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Welcome to Science!

At St. Leonard’s Science is carefully sculpted into our curriculum topics so that the children experience relevant and relatable lessons. As the children move up through the school they will build on their prior learning and experience it in a new topic and with a fresh point of view.


We try to create as many opportunities as possible for the children to experience practical science and we are very lucky to have such beautiful school grounds and a school pond that lend themselves to this. We also work closely with the Greensand Trust as Rushmere and Stockgrove Country Parks are within walking distance

We want our pupils to become inquisitive and explorative about the world around them. We want them to expand their knowledge from the Early Years wider world learning and to love, respect, and investigate their natural world as well as themselves. We want them to ask question to research further outside of the classroom and to be respectful of everything and everyone around them. We further believe that the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding of science in the curriculum is essential for the child's future learning and to prepare them for adult life. 


  • We will provide a wide range of scientific experiences for all pupils regardless of age, ability, gender, specific educational needs or disability which encourages their love of learning and passion for investigation.
  • We will teach scientific skills to pupils through a progressive programme of study.
  • We will ensure that children can record their results in a variety of ways, building on writing up investigations with data included.
  • We will provide differentiated teaching to conceptual needs of the full ability range in each year group.
  • We will help the children to develop an enquiring and questioning approach to scientific discover through a range of concepts and starting points.
  • We will help the children to develop a problem solving approach to scientific experimentation where they lead their learning.
  • We will help the children to develop close observation and precise recording which demonstrates their learning through their key phase.
  • We will relate scientific knowledge to everyday experience.
  • We will ensure science teaching and learning is safe and use a range of resources to excel the children’s learning.
  • We will assess and monitor pupil’s progress against National Curriculum/levels of attainment.


  • Pupils will develop a love of learning, investigating, experimenting and will want to test the theories to their fullest.
  • Pupils will work hard to meet the challenges of the growing curriculum and become resilient in their investigations.
  • Pupils will learn to draw upon prior learning and enhance this learning with research, experimentation and concluding.
  • Pupils will become independent and determined learners who tackle problem solving with inquisitive attitudes.
Science Curriculum Overview
Progression in Working Scientifically