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This half term we are investigating how plants grow well. 


We have worked together to decide on our investigation question : Can plants grow in the dark?


We have predicted that the plant in the dark will not grow well because we know that plants need light, as well as water, air and the right temperatures, to grow.  


We set up our investigation by having two plants that are the same. We measured the height of the plants and watered them both. We have put one plant on the windowsill in the classroom and the other in the classroom cupboard where there is no natural light. 

We will water the plants regularly and keep checking them both to compare the results.



The plant in the dark measured 28cm tall. The leaves have started to shrivel and are dry. The petals have fallen off some of the flowers and we can see it looks sad. 

The plant on the windowsill measures 30cm and looks healthy and bright. The petals on the flowers are open and the leaves are wide and green. 



The plant in the dark measures 26cm tall. This week is looks crispy, dry and a bit sad. It looks out of shape because the stems are wonky and not straight and tall. The stems and leaves are dark and they have wilted and curled up. 

The plant on the windowsill has started to grow new leaves. It looks taller but is still only measuring 30cm. We will continue to water and check the plants regularly, but we can see that the plant in the dark cupboard is not growing well without sunlight.