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Lego Easter story questions

This Easter work with link to some English work for w/c 30/06/2020

Easter story work sheets - these will help the children order their thoughts about the events of the Easter story and help them to write a convincing newspaper article. Do them in order!

Preparation work before you write your article...


I'd like you to write an article about how Jesus was treated before he died. You can write it from the point of view of one of his followers, or that of a Roman soldier. You'll need to consider both perspectives carefully to write an authentic account. One of his followers would have been devastated by his death and the circumstances surrounding it, whereas a Roman soldier would have loved all the blood and gore and wouldn't have cared a hoot about Jesus and his suffering. 


Remember the following:

  • You must write in the PAST TENSE (ed endings for regular verbs)
  • You need to use 3rd person pronouns (see my video on FB group)
  • You need a BOLD HEADLINE (see my video FB group)
  • You need an enticing subheading with a paragraph that covers the who, what, when, where, why and how! (see my video FB group)
  • Include a picture to support your text (not too gruesome)


You need to choose 3 or 4 things that happened to Jesus to write about. What did you find most upsetting about his story? (see my list below)


Here is my list of everything that I felt was wrong about how Jesus was treated:


1. Jesus was innocent

2. Jesus was betrayed by his good friend

3. Jesus was taken against his will by men with swords

4. Pilate found him to be innocent but still gave him over to the crowd (what a coward!)

5. Barabbas was freed and he was a murderer! (how is that justice?)

6. Jesus was flogged (whipped until he bled)

7. Jesus was teased and humiliated endlessly (how would that feel on top of everything he was enduring physically?) 

8. Jesus was forced to wear a crown of thorns (ouch!)

9. Jesus was made to carry his own cross


Good luck, I'll be delivering an Easter egg to whoever makes the most effort with this! Have funxxx