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I have tried to set up an email group so I can keep you informed about work for the children and provide you with a point of contact should you have any questions but I've run into technical difficulties and need the assistance of Mrs Nunn! However, I can provide you with my email address which is: Chepworth@stleonardslower.co.uk. I will check this email account regularly during school hours. 


Today I sent home a home learning pack which included a lined exercise book for English, Geography, History, Science and RE and a squared book for maths. Also a 100 square (really useful for many maths tasks), some maths activity sheets, a handwriting booklet, a sounds check list and nonsense words. You all were given a phonics sound mat at our first parents evening, please let me know if you need another one of these. We use them in class most days to support writing tasks. I also gave everyone extra reading books. Please let me know if you require anything else and I will try to sort it out on Friday. I will be sending a spelling list home tomorrow. 


The beans that came home in pots have a bean diary to go with them. We've been watching them for 3 weeks and it would be great if you could continue with the diaries.


Please check our class page regularly for updates - I'll try my hardest to support you all as best I can.