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Sunscreen in school

Dear Parents, to clarify the school's policy on suncream and hot weather:


Please ensure all children have had a strong sunscreen applied before they come to school in the morning.

Please ensure all children bring hats and water bottles to school

We will encourage the children to spend time in the shade during lunchtime break

For most children a long lasting (8 hour) 50+ sunscreen will protect them all day but for those parents who feel that their child needs extra protection sunscreen will be allowed in school.

Any suncream brought into school should be clearly labelled with the child's name and should be handed to the class teacher (we appreciate that children can be allergic to suncreams and they sometimes like to share it with their friends when left to manage it by themselves)

The teachers will supervise application (once before lunchtime) children will be expected/encouraged to apply their own


Thank you.