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Mary Bassett reading comprehension with text.

John/ Jack Pouchot non- fiction reading comprehension

Daily English lessons and resources

I've uploaded year 4 and year 5 work. I recommend doing the year 4 work, then if your children want an extra challenge do the year 5 work too. Go at your own pace!

Info for parents: I've uploaded enough daily handwriting sheets for two weeks. You can also use these to test your children in terms of spellings. I have sent home handwriting books (purple) and spellings books (yellow) for those of you without a printer (but everyone feel free to use them, they can come back into school at some point).


All words are National curriculum year 3 & 4 spellings words, so your efforts won't be wasted. This activity could form part of a morning or afternoon routine. 


  • Read words aloud
  • Handwriting sheet
  • Spellings test


That would take 20 minutes or so.