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Early Years

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile which continues on the work completed in nursery and playgroup.


The six areas of learning within the Early Years Curriculum are known as:


There are seven areas of learning separated into 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas. These are outlined below, all of these are achieved through close observation and recording by all members of the Early Years team as well as working with parents.


We provide a happy and stimulating environment inside and out for our youngest school members (with their own outdoor covered area and playground) valuing the importance of well-planned play and supporting and encouraging the children to practice and refine early writing, literacy and number skills.


Early Years is very much a part of the whole school and the children take part in (whole) school assemblies, visits to the Church, trips and social events.


The Early Years teachers liaise very closely with Year 1 and topics are often linked.


Our Early Years philosophy is that a successful, happy child has a positive self-image and good social skills. To promote effective learning a child needs to feel safe, secure and able to trust the practitioners who work with them.