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Week one Home learning

Daily Phonics

Your child does not need to learn the last section of this video as we are not there yet with the long vowel sounds.

Your child should practise their sounds (green book) and words (brown envelope) every day.



Daily Phonics

Watch Numberjacks



This our last day working with Jack and the beanstalk. Today I would like you to think about two characters in the story. I chose the Giant and Jack. Draw a picture of your characters and think about lots of words you would use to describe what they are like. Try and think of some different and interesting words.



Solving Problems and talking about size

Time to get back into the garden. Collect sticks from outside. Can you put them in order from the shortest to the longest? Can you find something longer than the longest stick? Can you find something shorter than the shortest stick? Take a picture and share it for your folder.

PD and CL

Print out the Jack and the beanstalk finger puppets, colour and cut out and retell the story to your family.

You could try to make your own beanstalk or Giant’s castle from different items around your house or garden. Remember to print only page 2 if you decide to make the finger puppets.



Daily Phonics

Watch Numberjacks



Still working on Jack and the Beanstalk. In your wallet you have a green booklet which says, Somebody, Wanted, But and So. On the left side of your book you need to write and on the right side you should draw your pictures. Watch he PowerPoint below for another version of the story.

(Adult please remember that your child needs to have a go at spelling by themselves)



Solving Problems and talking about size

Number order Beanstalk. Simply colour, cut and stick



I have attached the song ‘I’m a little bean’. You could learn this with your Mum, Dad and siblings and get someone to record it and send it to me.



Daily Phonics

Watch Numberjacks



Today you could retell the story of Jack and the beanstalk to an adult or sibling. Perhaps find another version of the story. You might have your own story book at home.

Think about climbing the beanstalk and what magical land you might see when you get to the top. Write about what you might see and draw a picture. Remember to have a go by yourself with your writing using your phonics. Adults can help with sounding out please try and not spell for them.



Solving Problems and talking about size

Ask an adult or sibling (or all) if you can measure how tall they are. Ask them to lie on the floor and measure them using objects.

What do you think would work best? You could try DVDs or shoes of the same size. Ensure that whatever you use to measure them with, are all the same size.

Caitilin and I measured each other using knives.


Watch the video of Jack and the Beanstalk Retold by Richard Walker Illustrated by Niamh Sharkey.

Parent/Carer ask your child to think about what they had talked about in class and what they would buy  with the magic beans.

Please encourage your child to write their sentence as independently as possible, relying on their phonics to help. Make sure they say their sentence out loud and that it makes sense before they write it.



Write your news, draw a picture and take a picture of your finished work which you should email to Mrs Ryan: sryan@stleonardslower.co.uk



We are going to use our Giants foot to find items around the house which are longer and shorter. Draw picture of each thing you find on your worksheet. I have been around the classroom and found some things longer and shorter than my Giant’s foot. You could take pictures and send them on email.


Solving problems and talking about size

Find six of your favourite toy figures, e.g. a superhero, a bear, a toy dog, a dinosaur, a troll and plastic doll, trying to make sure they are all different sizes. Stand them up, if possible, and put them in order from the shortest to the tallest. Is the biggest one in the line-up the biggest toy you own? How big is the biggest toy you own? What could you use to measure it? Take a picture and send it to me.


Planting Beans in a Greenhouse

Today we will be making our Greenhouse to grow our magic beans.



Cut the roof to a point and cut out the middle rectangle.

Lightly wet 2 cotton balls and place in the bag. Place beans in the bag.

Tape bag to the back of the greenhouse.

Date and label your greenhouse.

Hang in a window and watch your beans grow

You could keep a photo diary of your bean by taking a picture each week to show how it changes and grows.


Developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time (UW:TW 30-50).


Making a Greenhouse