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Week Beginning 8.6.20


A bit of an unusual one this week. We are not practising one join, we are practising using punctuation, specifically the apostrophe.



You will need to have listened to the whole story for today's work. This is on the Class 2 Facebook page.
Please go to the website below to watch the short animation on creating a story structure before Day 5's English lesson.

Guided Reading

This week is all about a wonderful garden creature - the hedgehog. Pick one of the levels to read and answer questions all about the hedgehog.


After Day 4 and 5 you could try an extra challenge. You could create your own bar graph or pictogram about your family's favourite garden creatures. You could first create a tally chart and ask all of your friends and family what their favourite garden creature is. Then using this data you could create a bar graph or pictogram to show the results. Below are a couple of templates to help you.


In the school grounds we have different habitats. We don't have oceans or rainforest but we do have woodland, a pond, a field and urban habitats. Have a look at some of these different habitats using the links below. Have you seen any of the plants and animals they mention in our school grounds?


Once you have watched the habitats I would like you to pick one and try to recreate it. It could be a diorama in a small box, on a paper plate, a painting or something else creative. It will need to be recognisable as one of the three habitats. You may want to include some of the animals that live there as well as the plants. If you can post a picture on Facebook with your results and see if we can guess which one you picked.




Over the next half term in history we are going to look at our houses and how they have changed over time. Below are slides to go through to look at the different types of houses you can find. Have a look at the slides then try Worksheet 1A (medium/hot) OR Worksheet 1B (mild). There are also photo cards and labels if you would like to print them off and match the name to the photo.


We are now moving into the exciting world of presentations! I know some of you are quite familiar with these as some of you created presentations for your take away tasks. If you haven't made one before then you will certainly have seen them....a lot recently! This week you are just planning one but you will eventually need a programme that will allow you to create one.

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