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Week Beginning 6.7.20

It is our penultimate week of Year 2! If we were still in school we would be slowly winding down getting ready for Summer so feel free to do the same. I will still put a variety of lessons up but please don't see it is as a must do list. It will be here all Summer if you choose to do it.


I think this week we would also have had Sports Day, so I have added some sporty themed activities. Why don't you have your own Sports day in your garden? I am sure you can have some running races, skipping, egg and spoon races, obstacle courses, jumping, ball games and much more. Please share with me if you do.

Handwriting and Spellings

We have now finished all of our units for handwriting and spelling so this week I have combined the two together. Here are all of the Year 2 Common Exception Words to practise writing. Remember there are a lot of words here, so this will last you a couple of weeks.


The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter

For Day 1 and 2 you will need to listen to the story of Squirrel Nutkin. Day 3 to 5 is all based on Sports Day.

Guided Reading


Someone has stolen the St. Leonard's Lower School Sports Day Trophy!surprise Can you solve the clues to find out who the thief is?



Once you have gone through the presentation there is activity about protecting trees. You only need to do one of the activities.

* = Mild

**= Medium

***= Hot


We still have three lessons left looking at Our Rights. There will be two this week and one next week but you can spread them out how you like.

Lesson 4 - Everybody is Different

I have also read a story called All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman which you can find on our Facebook page.

Lesson 5 - Is it Fair?


After you have looked at the slides on Victorian homes you can complete one of these activities.

Mild - Use worksheets 5A and 5B or worksheets 5C and 5D. Try and spot as many differences as you can between the two pictures and colour in all the things that are different. You could use the same colour
for each difference, e.g. colour the candles and light switches in red, colour the water pump and taps in
blue, etc.


Medium/Hot - Use worksheet 5E or 5F which each have two pictures of a room - a Victorian room and a
modern room. Cut out the pictures and stick on a sheet of A3 paper. Colour in each of the differences you can spot between the two pictures and then label to describe the differences around the pictures.



This is our last lesson on presentations. I have seen a couple already so please send them to me when you have finished, I have been so impressed with what you have accomplished so far.

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