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Week Beginning 4.5.20

Remember this is not an expectation of what has to be done each week. Pick and choose what you can do and be kind to yourself.


Feel free to send me an email if you need any support, want to share your work or just to say hi.


It looks like a lot this week but that is just because I have filled the page with videos.


It is VE Day anniversary on the 8th May so there are resources for you to use to get ready to celebrate! Just keep scrolling down to find them.


These are just some extra handwriting practise resources. A set of blank handwriting lined pages of differing sizes and the alphabet with guides on where to start writing.


It is our penultimate week of unit work! Don't worry there is still more to do after next week's spellings smiley


For Day 1's work you will need to hear the whole of the story of Jim and The Beanstalk. You can hopefully find it  on the Class 2 Facebook page.
For Day 3 you will need to have heard the last of our beany stories. It is on the Class 2 Facebook page.

Guided Reading

This week the theme for guided reading is VE Day. Just like last week you will need to read a page of information then answer the questions about what you have just read, no guessing! Remember to look for clues by using the words in the question to help. You might need to tick, draw or write answers so read the question carefully.


It is all in one document again so just pick one section. I have a guide below for which one to choose:

Page 1- 2 for Mild

Page 4-5 for Medium

Page 7-9 for Hot


This is just an optional extra. Can you solve all of the maths clues to work out the case of the stolen daffodils?






Part of the music curriculum is to use your voice expressively and creatively by singing songs. I have 3 songs below all about an animal you might find in your garden. Have a listen and pick your favourite to sing a long to. Do you like any of them? Are there any other songs about animals in your garden that you know? If you are feeling up for a challenge you could use one of the songs and make it your own. You could use the tune and change some of the lyrics. 


I apologise now, you are either going to love or loathe these songs! smiley

have you heard about Hugh ? (the hedgehog song)

To celebrate Wood festival 2017 "The year of the Hedgehog" a brand new song by Nick Cope recorded live and filmed by Milly Cope. For more songs animations an...

I Am A Mole And I Live In A Hole - Song Lyrics

Wiggly Woo

Here's a song for kids you may not have heard before, but it is sure to become a favorite. Wiggle and sing along with your youngsters!

Forest School

V.E Day

VE Day celebrations

Watch this compilation of film from IWM Archives, showing thousands of people gathered outside Buckingham Palace on VE Day, local celebrations at King's Lang...