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Week Beginning 30.3.20


Use the 'Easter Around the World' Power Point to have a discussion about how Easter is celebrated in other countries. What differences/ similarities are there to the way we celebrate? 

Make an Easter Cross - use whatever materials you have at home or in your garden. Your cross could be used as a basis for an Easter card?

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Maths - if we were in class we would have items with price tags on to make it more interactive. You could do this too?

English - don't do the Hamilton Day 7 lesson. Again, if we were in class we would teach about imperative verbs differently and in a more interactive way.

 Imperative verbs are verbs that create a sentence that gives an order or command. When reading an imperative sentence, it will sound like the speaker is being bossy. In school we often refer to imperative verbs as bossy verbs - its easier for the children to remember. 'Bossy' verbs are used to write instructions that people need to follow, like in a recipe or how to make something.

Today's English lesson is to write some instructions telling someone how to make a sandwich (or whatever you are having for breakfast or lunch). Children could make something and then write how to do it. I will upload a file with suggested bossy verbs for the children to use. 

If you have the 'Little Miss Bossy' book, you could look through it to find the bossy verbs or read the story to your child and ask them to draw a picture of what Little Miss Bossy was doing.

History - We were going to be looking at Knights and Castles. A castles power point is below for you to go through and a 'label the parts of a castle' sheet. Then draw your own castle. Is it in the woods, the mountains or under the sea? If you can't print at home, draw your own castle and label the different parts. 

Wednesday 1st of March


English - This is a similar activity to Tuesday. Writing instructions for brushing your teeth.

Maths - Again, a similar activity to Tuesday with money. This time adding 10p or 20p to another amount. In the notes at the beginning it mentions about prices 'going up' when you add 10p. Can I ask that you say the price is increasing as it's confusing for the children when using the 100 square because Spidey will be moving down for the price to go up!

I'd suggest all start on the mild sheet.


All work can go directly into exercise books if you can't print or don't want to print.


Computing - See sheet attached below. Mrs Spicer suggests breaking the tasks into smaller chunks. The activities would normally be done on a laptop or PC in school, but use whatever you can. The skills are similar.

P.E - your choice. Circuits in the garden/front room? Or Joe Wicks P.E?


English - Talk about what to write before writing. Model a sentence: At night the stars twinkle and the moon shines bright in the sky; At night everything is quiet except...etc. Ask child to say their sentence a couple of times before they write it. See if they can add some adjectives to their sentence to make it even better. In class they would have the sound mat to help. The common exception words would be helpful too.

Maths - This is new learning for them. Do the mild sheet first. If you do the hot sheet, you could write the subtraction sentence for them to work out the answer. 

History - A Knights Armour Power Point and label activity.

              Design a knights shield.

              Word search.

Science - Check on your bean and record what you see. I think it might be the last week in the booklet? It would be good to add more weeks to continue your observations.


English - Nocturnal Animals. We learnt about nocturnal/diurnal animals in our first topic - see what they can remember.

Maths - Finding the difference of two amounts of money. If you can't print, talk about how you would use the coin number line to work out the answer. 

Topic - Easter Egg competition. I'm not sure if this is a northern thing? I did it when I was at school and a friend in Nottingham shared a picture on instagram of her son's. This can run over into the Easter break and is a little bit like a take away task.

Take a hard boiled egg and make it into a character and put it into a setting. So for mine, I used my Sindy horse riding gear to make a horse riding egg. My friends son has done Joe Wicks doing PE in the room made out of a box with all the things in the room like the guitar, fireplace, map etc.

You could make a plan first. Draw your design, list materials needed etc and then work on it over the following week? Hope this makes sense!