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Week Beginning 30.3.20

Here is our second week of home learning and the last week of term! Remember to just do what you can.


As it is the last week of term it would be highly likely that we would watch a film with a theme of our topic, so don't forget to add that in!smiley May I suggest- The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo or Finding Dory (I know I will be watching these wink) Let me know if you can think of any more.


This week's handwriting focus is le. The video is on the Class 2 Facebook page.


I have put day 1 to 5 spellings instructions all on one document so I don't fill up the webpage and make it look scary.


The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine

The Rainbow Fish is written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister and read by Ernest Borgnine. The Rainbow Fish is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish w...

Guided Reading

This week's Guided Reading is following on from the Easter theme of last week. However there is a lot of reading this time with questions about what you have just read. You can read a bit at a time and do it over a couple of days...they are quite a challenge!


I have emailed a couple of you with different guided reading for this week, so check your emails. There are 5 versions this week. All have a page or two of reading about Easter with questions after so only pick one. I have given you a guide below as to which one to choose, but feel free to look at all of them and decide.

Worksheet               Current Colour of Reading Books

A                           Orange/Turquiose

B                           Purple/Gold

C                           White/Lime

D                           Hot Pink/Free Reader

E                           If you are a Free Reader and really want a challenge!


You might want to use the place value cards in this pack for Day 1's maths.
If you fancy creating more multiplication flowers here is the template. Remember the centre of the flower is the number you are multiplying. The small petals are the numbers 1 to 12 and the large petals are the answers to multiplying the centre number by the small petal.




This is the last in our series of 3 all about Captain Cook. Have a look at the slides but be warned it is all about life on a ship in the 1700's there are some disgusting and gruesome facts! Once you have gone through the slides you can have a go at the activity. Either use sheet 3A or 3B to complete a Sailor's Guide to Staying Healthy and Happy. You can use what you learn in the slides to help or do your own research. There is also a design sheet you use to create a work of art demonstrating all you know about Captain Cook.

Art and Design

With a story like Rainbow Fish it should come as no surprise that this week our activity is to create your own rainbow fish. I have put some ideas together but it is up to you how you would like to make it. It could be out of all natural materials, it could be a 3D model, it could be made out of recycled materials, it could be painted, sequins, paper, card, the choices are endless. I am really looking forward to seeing them.


We have finished our unit on Scratch and Turtle Logo so feel free to go on an have a play and see what you can discover. I have added the link to Turtle Logo as we only spent a couple of days on this programme. If you scroll down to the bottom it has all sorts of new commands and code you can try out that we didn't get to use.

Forest School


We learnt a lot about percussion with our Inspiring Music teacher earlier on in this term but I thought you might like to have a little music this week. There are lots of songs that about under the sea so you could have a look and pick your top 5 favourites, or you could use a song like the one below with a repeating tune and words and create your own verses, or make your own little tune with instruments you can make or find around the house.

Down In The Deep Blue Sea | ft. Finny The Shark! | Super Simple Songs

Just for Fun