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Week beginning 23.3.20

Here is this week's learning materials. Please don't be overwhelmed by all of the files, notes and pictures, this is a whole weeks worth of learning. I have broken it down in to days but it is up to you how you want to plan it out.

I'll suggest a few timings to help you out, this sort of follows a usual week at school:

Handwriting - 10 minutes a day

Spellings - 20 minutes a day

English - 45 minutes/1 hour a day

Maths - 45 minutes/1 hour a day

Topic (history/geography/art/design/science) - one or two subjects a day for about an hour

R.E - 1 hour a week

P.E - 2 hours a week ( I suggest using Joe Wicks morning P.E or Cosmic Yoga)

Forest School - 2 hours a week....or as long as you want!

Reading - However much you can!laugh


Don't forget to play😀


Below is this week's handwriting focus. You can practise this join in your English books, on paper, on a board...anywhere! Don't forget there is a practise sheet in your book (Unit 17) to complete. Can you think of any other words with this join in?

The video is on Class 2's Facebook page


This week’s spelling focus is words ending in –al.

Day 1 – Page 33

Have a go at these words for Speed Spell (ask someone to read these out and you write them down) camel, angel, jewel, travel, tinsel, vowel.

Did you know that some words that end in the l sound are spelt –alCan you hear a weak little uh sound in the last syllable of these words? There isn’t a rule to help us to know which way to spell words with the ending that sounds like l. We just have to learn them as we read them. The more you read, the better you will become at spelling.

Read through and complete the activities in Spelling Zone on page 33.

Day 2 – Page 34

Can you complete the Dots and Dashes section? Remember one letter, one sound is a dot and digraph and trigraphs have a dash and the split digraphs have a smile.

The answers are below.

Now it’s time for Word Changers. Have a look at the root words with the suffixes added. What is the missing root word?

Day 3 – Page 35

Ask someone to read out two sentences from page 54 under the Unit 10 section and write them under the Dictation section. Ask them to check your spelling. Remember to tick everything you get right and circle any errors.

Day 4 – Page 35

Challenge a partner to spell –al words from Dots and Dashes and Word Changers. Can you spell four correct in a row? Try around 8 words.

Day 5 – Page 35

Using the words from the word list below can you teach someone to spell the –al words (about 6 words). You could ask someone to challenge you too!


Guided Reading

Have a look at the picture on page 1. Have a go at the questions on page 2 to 3, you can write down your answers or tell someone. Then you can pick either the Vocab 1 or Vocab 2 activities, you will definitely need a dictionary or the internet for these! Finally you can have a go at the SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar) tasks. This is more than we would accomplish in a normal Guided Reading lesson so just pick and choose what you can do. You can spread it out over a few day/weeks too.




Download the slideshow from below and answer the questions as you go along. Afterwards you can work through either worksheet 2a, 2b or 2c. The picture cards for worksheet 2a are on page 4. If you fancy acting out what it was like on Captain Cook's voyage you can turn your room into a ship (use page 7-10 for clues) and use the ideas pages 11-13 to act out different scenarios.



Art and Design


There are lots of tasks this week using the computers so make sure you don't forget the safety rules and what we learned from Chicken Clicking! Remember to ask for permission to go online....and don't go buying expensive things like Chicken Clicking!


I have a challenge for Scratch if you want to have a go at something other than using the internet.


Can you add a different background and another Sprite (character)? Can you make them both move?

                                                                 Forest School
The hotly anticipated Go Find It card choice from Eros. Can you find one of each either outside or inside your house? How about one thing that is all three?

Activity ideas for in and out of the house

Just for Fun