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Week Beginning 22.6.20

Remember do what you can, when you can. There is enough here for a whole week of normal school learning. I am not expecting it all to be done, but feel free to try! smiley


It is the penultimate week of handwriting then we have finished the whole programme! smiley



The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter loved the countryside and she spent much of her otherwise conventional Victorian childhood drawing and studying animals. Her passion for the n...

For Day 4 you will be comparing the film with the book. If you can and you want to watch the film please do. I have put the trailer below and you can get enough information from that to do the work if you haven't or can't see the film.

PETER RABBIT | Domhnall Gleeson vs Animals in New International Trailer

Peter Rabbit Official International Trailer: Everyone's favorite rambunctious rabbit finds new life as a party animal in the live-action/animated family come...

I have put this as a 'Fun Friday' / wind down type activity....it is a game...but feel free to use on whatever day you like. laugh

Guided Reading

This week is all about rabbits. There are two parts just read either A or B and answer the questions that follow.  Part A is mild/medium and Part B is for Hot.



The activity is to match the minibeast to its habitat. * is mild, ** is medium and ***is hot. You can find the stars at the bottom of the sheet.


This week we are looking at how other religions celebrate harvest. We are going to look at the Jewish festival of Sukkot. The activity asks you to design and make your own Sukkah. If you want to you can make it but you can just design one as we don't have groups to work in.



This week we are looking at what houses looked like through the ages. After, there is a timeline to complete. Worksheet 3A - Mild

Worksheet 3B - Medium

Worksheet 3C - Hot



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