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Week Beginning 18.5.20



We have finished all of the spelling units from our spelling programme. Now it is time to go back through the book and complete the Special Focus sections.

Each day will be a new focus. You will need to read the information given and then complete the tasks on the page.

Day 1 - Special Focus 1 on page 8

Day 2 - Special Focus 2 on page 15

Day 3 - Special Focus 3 on page 22

Day 4 - Special Focus 4 on page 29

Day 5 - Special Focus 5 on page 36


A couple of videos to help you get some more ideas about how the Bewick's Swans eat, walk, fly, make noise and behave. These might help you with ideas for your poem for day 2 and 3 this week.

Bewick's swan

This is "Bewick's swan" by The RSPB on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Bewick's Swans

Filmed at WWT Slimbridge

Guided Reading



In science we have been looking at plants and how they grow, what they need and their different parts.


This week in science I just have one question for you...can plants eat animals?


If you think the answer is either:

A - don't be silly Miss James of course not.


B - yes, but obviously it is not all of them.


then you need to explain why you think that. What information can you find to answer that question? You could create a leaflet, poster, paragraph of writing, labeled picture or something else telling me all about it.






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