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Week beginning 16.3.20


Our spelling focus for this week is words ending with the 'l' sound spelt 'le' e.g. battle, jingle.

You can use the word list below to practise your dots and dashes, team teach and four in a row.


We have started to look at biographies and in particular the biography of Jacques Cousteau. Below are the two books we have read in class.


I have added some task for you to complete around the books we have read.

Manfish Comprehension Task

Follow the Moon Home

Follow the Moon Home Written by: Phillipe Cousteau and Deborah Hopkinson Illustrated by: Meilo So Read by Klickitat teacher, Shauna Danielson

Manfish The Story If Jacques Cousteau


This week we have been looking at using arrays for multiplication and division. Below is a link to a website where you can create arrays.

Can you find any arrays in your house? Perhaps you could take a photo of them or draw them. What two multiplication and two division sentences is shown from the array.


Challenge! Make you own array using up to 30 dots. Can you make a multiplication word problem to go with it. E.g. there are 2 hutches. Each hutch has 3 rabbits in it. How many rabbits are there altogether? (this is asking people to work out 2 x 3)