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Week Beginning 1.6.20



Ooh, we have nearly finished the whole programme! This doesn't mean we will stop spellings though. Once we have finished I will set activities to revise what we have learnt so far...we have learnt a lot!


Day 1 - Spelling Focus 6 on page 43

Day 2 - Spelling Focus 7 on page 53...then have a little cheer!smiley

Day 3, 4 and 5 - adding -er and -est revision activities

Below is a collection of activities revising the -er and -est suffixes. There are posters to remind you of the rules, a couple of activities to find the root word and add suffixes and a roll the dice game too.



There will be videos for days 2 to 5 posted on our Class Facebook page.

Guided Reading/Geography

We may not be able to travel at the moment but we can still find out about places around the world. This activity requires you to read the weather forecast for four different cities in four different countries (you could see if you can find them on a map, maybe you could guess what the weather might be like?)


Once you have read the information in the charts you will need to answer some questions. There is no need to guess, use the information you have read. There are two activities - a few questions then a challenge activity. There are four 'levels' for each part. Just pick one for each.


Section A - Mild

Section B - Medium

Section C - Hot

Section D - Spicy



This week's science links with Day 5's English but feel free to explore before that. I would like you to investigate different habitats around the world. Can you remember what a habitat is? A habitat is a home environment for plants and animals or other organisms.


SPOLIER ALERT FOR THE STORY - the children imagine they visit different places around the world. So In science I would like you to find out about the different habitats they might see. What is the weather like? what animals live there? what plants can you find? Which habitats do you think the children will visit?


I have a couple of links below with a video, activities and a quiz for each one. Happy exploring!



There are two presentations as the file was too large but it is all about the same lesson.


This is the last one for Computer Art. Let's see what you have learnt and see what you can create!


Did you know maracas were first made from fruit and vegetables shells and filled with seeds or small stones? They are untuned instruments that are played by shaking. I would like you to have a go at making your own maracas. You could use loo roll tubes, yogurt pots, paper plates or plastic bottles for the outside (vegetable part) and then fill them with any seeds  you have left over. You could experiment with different sized seeds to see if that affects the sounds. Maybe you could use small stones, pasta or rice too if you don't have seeds.


You can make them as colourful as you like! Can you make a rhythm with them?

What are Maracas? How do they sound?

What are Maracas? How do they sound? Here is a very quick example of maraca playing. Maracas.

Here are just a couple of websites that have suggestions on how to make maracas.

Kids DIY Instruments: Maracas

Things you need for DIY Maracas: - Toilet Paper Roll - Magazine - Scotch Tape - Scissors - Beans/Rice - Decorative Tape/Stickers Done with the instrument? He...

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