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Week Beginning 15.6.20


We are on unit 26 out of 28! Nearly there smiley

This week it is focusing on joining to and from i using the sound 'cian' (sounds like 'tion') as in musician. Can you think of any other words with 'cian' in them?



Guided Reading

This week you will be picking a task to complete about a book you have chosen. It could be fiction or non-fiction.


This video will help with Day 4 and 5 this week.

3D Shapes for Kids - Vertices, Faces and Surfaces Explained


Micro Habitats



In PSHE we are starting a new topic called Respecting Rights. This is an important area to cover as we develop as human beings and is very topical at the moment with the Black Lives Matter movement. We will be looking at human rights, rights for children, protecting our rights, looking at how everyone is different and respecting other people.


Read through the slides about what is the same and different about houses. After, complete either:

Worksheet 2A - Mild

Worksheet 2B - Medium

Worksheet 2C - Hot


This week I would like you to look at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He is famous for using natural materials to create his art. Have a look at the information then see if you can create one of your own pieces of art using natural materials. This would be a a great activity to do while you are out doing Forest School or looking for microhabitats in science.


This week you will need a program to create a presentation. If you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint, there are alternatives. Impress is part of Apache OpenOffice and is free, as is Google Slides, part of Google Drive, which is available with a gmail address. If you have an Apple computer you can also use Keynote, as well as
MacOs versions of PowerPoint or Impress, or Google Slides.

Forest School

Also have a look at this week's art for an idea for this week.