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Week Beginning 13.7.20

It is the last week of Year 2!

There are a few lessons left to complete but it is up to you how you plan your week. We certainly would not be doing a full week of work at school laugh.


I have added an activity bingo for you to do. You can pick and choose from here and try to get a whole row or column. If you do you can shout BINGO and run around the living room knowing you are amazing!




You can work through some of the lessons as ususal...feel free to shout and run around after you have completed those too! laugh



This is our last one in the series looking at rights.


This is our last one looking at homes.

Last Week Bingo

Resources for Bingo


The Tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter

Write up your favourite memories of Year 2


Maths mystery of the Sandcastle Stomper.


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