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Remember to keep practising sounds and story green words and speedy green words. You don’t have to do all at once, just the ones you need the most practise with.


The lesson today is connected to the maths lesson today with a focus on map making. Discuss the map and the directions. Which animal is asleep on the map and how can you tell? What are the brown marks? Where’s the ladybird and what do you think he might be doing? Why is there a big red cross above the cow? In the story the two baddies make a map of the farmyard in a cunning plan to steal the fine prize cow. (Even though it doesn’t go well!) Have a go at making a map of the farm like the baddies using positional language! Look at the map below to give you some ideas. Could you make your map better than the robbers and not get caught by the animals.


Day 3 What the Ladybird heard. There is a variety of activities that can be completed in relation to the story. You don’t have to complete them all. Chose the ones you think are easier to complete at home.


Print out and read your information sheet about the ladybird. Talk with your adult about the different parts of the ladybird, e.g. How many legs? What it has on its back? Don't forget to colour your picture and be sure to stay inside the lines.


Goldilocks - You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week). Should develop confidence and fluency.