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Remember to keep practising sounds and story green words and speedy green words. You don’t have to do all at once, just the ones you need the most practise with.

Day 3 Handwriting You’ve got this!


Norman is quite a funny character and does lots of different things throughout the story. Talk with a parent or sibling about the story and which part was your favourite. Draw and write about your favourite part.


I have put an instruction sheet on with what to do for your maths activity today.

You need: Two sets of number cards – see below pdf for template to cut out

A timer – one on a mobile phone will do as long as you can see the seconds and minutes.

Insert picture


Can you make your own slime? What materials might you have to use?

Make your own slug/snail slime. I have found a few videos of how to make slime however I’m sure in lots of household this has happened a lot, so you probably have you own recipe. Find one a give it a go and take pictures of what happens and tell us what recipe or video you used to make your slug/snail slime. You will need an adult to help with this task.







Spring for Birds - You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week). Should develop confidence and fluency.