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Daily phonics

Get mummy or daddy to show you the picture. Now can you use your phonics to help spell that word, write it on your board and check when you are finished by ticking each sound you got correct. No help from anyone. If you can’t spell them yet ask the adult to show you the correct version when you are done.


The Gingerbread man

PowerPoint to read through.

Imagine that you are the author of ‘The Gingerbread Man’, and you decide to change the ending, so that the fox doesn’t eat him!  What would you choose to happen instead? I have put a worksheet below, however if you just want to write a new ending and illustrate it on a blank piece of paper go ahead.


Making Gingerbread people or biscuit shaped people if you don’t have ginger. Find and write the recipe that you are using to man your people. There is a lot of maths, science and speaking and listening involved in this activity. Caitilin and I will be making some as well so we will post a picture of our end result. I have put a set of instructions below, however lots of you have probably got a really good recipe to follow.


Speaking and listening (I know you can all so this)

Talk about the order in which the ingredients go into the bowl, using chronological language such as ‘first’, ‘then’ and ‘next’, and how they will be mixed and shaped.

Talk about the ingredients and ask questions involving the children’s senses, such as: What does the butter look/feel/smell like? Does the mixture feel dry/wet/soft/firm?

Talk about how it changes after being cooked. Decorate them with icing and currants or something of your choice. Draw out mathematical language as you talk about how many they might want to use for eyes, buttons and so on


Make a gingerbread man hand puppet. I have put a template below for you to print out or simple make your own. I have uploaded a picture of one Caitilin made earlier (she loves Shrek). You can use any type of materials to create your puppet. We will be very interested to see what ideas you come up with and please remember to post a picture.

Print out only the current page 5 form this pdf