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We love where we live!

It's the summer term and we are about to learn all about 'where we live'!


We are very lucky to have lots of interesting history within the local and surrounding areas, for example: the very famous novel 'The Borrowers' by Mary Norton was based in Leighton Middle School and Bletchley Park is the 'Home of the Codebreakers'. We will be looking further into these points of interest during the topic!

The Borrowers will be our key text for literacy which will be used to produce a variety of writing styles including: short narratives, diary writing, non-fiction instructional writing and letter writing.

As the borrowers used old scraps of rubbish to create their own parachutes, in science we will be looking at how parachutes work and we will be testing out our own through a series of investigations. We will also be looking at the digestive system and whether the borrowers' would be the same as ours. Lastly, we will be using the local environment to look at natural habitats and using natural resources to dye fabrics.

We will be using a needle and thread to create our very own 'borrower dolls' which will be mini versions of ourselves, what will they get up to when we're not looking, we wonder?

In geography we will be using a range of maps and aerial photographs from both the past and the present to compare and contrast, what's different? What's the same? Alongside this, we will be using ordinance survey maps to try and get to grips with grid references.

Finally, following a trip into our local area, we will be surveyors of our local environment! We will be looking to make changes/improvements for local residents.

A busy, but very exciting term is upon us!