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Remember to keep practising sounds and story green words and speedy green words. You don’t have to do all at once, just the ones you need the most practise with.

Day 2 Hold a sentence this can be found in the grey box. Read the sentence to your child and ask them to repeat it and tell them how many words in the sentence. Again this must be completely independent.


Are worms yucky or not yucky?

Discuss how the child feels, asking them to justify their responses. Ask the child to speak to other people by calling or Face timing grandparents or relatives (especially if they are keen gardeners). They might begin to use words to describe the feel or the movement of worms which can be expanded upon. They might know something of the benefits of worms and their role. Collect their thoughts and the other people they have spoken to and record on the sheet.

Get your child to draw a worm on the scale at the bottom of their page to show how yucky they think worms are.


I have put an instruction sheet on with what to do for your maths activity today. No equipment needed for this activity today. Only print the first page as the second has the answers on it.


Action poem. Sing worm songs, such as Wiggly Woo, with finger actions. Mindfulness colouring.



Wakey Wakey - You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week). Should develop confidence and fluency.