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Remember to keep practising sounds and story green words and speedy green words. You don’t have to do all at once, just the ones you need the most practise with.


Read ‘Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis without showing the picture on the front of the book up to the point where the children first find the bog baby. Pause and ask: what do you think the bog baby might look like? Can you tell your talk partner? Suggest they listen hard to the next two or three pages and paint a picture in their mind’s eye.

Carry on reading but without showing the illustration to the point where they take him home and hide him in the shed (page 9).

Ask child, using the worksheet to draw what they think the Bog Baby looks like. In the class I would read the description, ‘size of a frog only round and blue’ and ask them to draw this as big as they could on their page. Then, ‘boggly eyes and a spiky tail’, continue to read to page 9 until they have produced a version of their Bog Baby.


Day 2 The very busy spider. There is a variety of activities that can be completed in relation to the story. You don’t have to complete them all. Choose the ones you think are easier to complete at home.


Make a Bog Baby. We will be using blue felt to make our own Bog Baby. This is a sewing activity so will take a few days to complete, therefore I don’t expect to see any until the end of the week. I have posted some pictures of ones that have been made before by other children to give you some idea of size and shape. Sewing is a great skill to develop fine motor skills.

In class we will be making our own Bluebell woods scene using a mix of media and finger painting. We will be using green sugar paper as our background, blue paint, green pastels for stems (for the bluebells), brown sugar paper for the tree trunk and pink paint for the blossom tree as well as blue tissue paper to create the pond.
In class this week we will be making our own Bog Baby with playdough using materials such as scraps of blue net, feathers, twigs, tissue, glitter and wool. (EAD)
In class this week we will be making our own Bog Baby habitat using different materials that we can find around the school environment.Where would a bog baby like to live? What would he like in his home? What does he need in his home? Provide children with a selection of materials, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, tape, string, pencils, pens, sticks, glue etc.



Owls and Dinosaurs - You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week). Should develop confidence and fluency.