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Daily phonics


Today we are looking a new story. The Gingerbread man. Watch the PowerPoint which I have uploaded below.

Activity – Draw a map of the journey that the Gingerbread man makes. Use the different features that he passes along the way (trees, grass, pond, hills). I have put a few images up for you to have a look.


Use some empty cardboard boxes and packaging to make a model or other items from around the house. Maybe you could make a model house, a car, a castle or a robot. Entirely up to you. Talk to an adult about the different shapes you use. Which shapes are easiest to build with? You could take a photo or draw a picture of your finished model.


Print out (if possible) the picture of the gingerbread man or draw your own. Get an adult to read the instructions. Can you listen and follow the instructions by selecting the correct answer? Take a picture and send.