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Tipis and Totem Poles

Our topic is Tipis and Totem Poles

2nd November 2016 - Native American Visitors

Today we were lucky to have a real Native American family visit us. They told us all about their clothes, food, stories, songs and traditions. We got to join in with lots of games and dance and some of us even got to wear some of the clothes.


We asked lots of questions and found out a lot of facts that we didn't know about before.

28th September

Today we made cornbread. Native Americans used to make a bread from flour made from corn. Different tribes used different colour corn depending where they were from and what they could get. We made it with yellow corn like the Northern tribes.

13th September

We looked at the Hopi tribe from the Southwest. They lived in clay houses and also built clay pots. We had a go at making a clay pot by making a flat base and coiling 'sausage' shapes and placing on top.