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RWI Set 2 Sounds


I have uploaded a booklet for our set 2 stretchy sounds. This week we are concentrating only on the

ay sound. Today you need to watch the PowerPoint that I put on and practise all the sounds.

In the booklet work through pages 3 and 4.


Read aloud a letter from an unappreciated earthworm to your child telling them that it doesn’t want people thinking it is yucky anymore and asking them to find the real facts about how wonderful worms can be. When they have done this they can write a friendly letter or card back to the worm telling them what they have done and let the worm know that after reading the book and finding out lot of information what they now think. This does not need to be lengthy, a few lines. They can use a letter template, make a mini poster or make their own card.


I have put an instruction sheet on with what to do for your maths activity today. The first page is a warm up activity. Week 4:2. You need about 10 or 11 picture books, and fat felt-tips and paper.


Create a wormery, worm hotel or worm farm and make careful observations over a period of time. This can be a mini project to take you through the next two days and over the weekend. Talk about how we feel about, treat and care for animals. Take pictures of how you make it and what you find out.

Below are a number of ideas for how to make any of the above mentioned.


Wakey Wakey - You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week). Should develop confidence and fluency.