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Using your phonics can you spell these words.


Discuss when we are writing a character description this is what we need:

what they look like, personality traits, behaviour, what other people think of them, how they character feels at different points of the story. You can use the words below to help you. Remember to write in a full sentence. Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops, however make sure it makes sense.

I have modelled what this would look like if I was doing this in the classroom. This doesn’t have to be as complexed as mine.


I have put an instruction sheet on with what to do for your maths activity today. The first part is a warm up activity to get you back with your numbers again. Using number cards 1 – 20 ordering numbers. You can write these down and take a photograph of what you have done.


With the help of an adult or sibling. Make an obstacle course in which you can move as minibeasts through an imaginary world. Include tunnels (worm holes) to travel through, benches (logs/branches to balance along, cones/ stepping stones to move between and mats (leaves) to rest on. Clap to give a danger signal of an approaching hungry bird at which all the minibeasts must freeze and curl up small to avoid being spotted and eaten.

How inventive can you be in your house, garden or on your walk.

(MH30-50a, d; 40-60a, c, d; ELGi, ii; HSc40-60c, d)


Animal upsets story – You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week).