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Happy St George’s Day





Day 3 Handwriting. Your child is very aware of what they have to do here.


I have put on some maths addition sheets. Please do not do them all. Select which one you prefer and print the current page you want.

PowerPoint to learn some facts about St George and a short story that you should be able to read on your own.


Colour a dragon or make a dragon


Make a shield that maybe tells people about you. What you like, favourite colour, food. I have put some ideas below


Dragon mask


Make a St George's flag


You could maybe role play the story

Below I have added some other links.

If you want to check how much you remember about the story take the quiz on the link below.

The story of st george in playmobil animation by samuel (age 4)

here is samuel's (age 4) first attempt at animation with the timeless story of st george. it was made with a canon 30d with the tc-80n3 remote and movie maker