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Today you need to watch the PowerPoint that I put on and practise all the sounds. Continue to use the set 2 stretchy sounds booklet. This week we are concentrating only on the or sound. In the booklet work through pages 24-25.


Think about all of the stories and mini beasts that we have been reading about over this term. Which story did you enjoy the most? What or who was your favourite creature or character. Maybe find that story or video again and have a listen or read the story again. Now think about why you have chosen that minibeast. What did you like about them or why are they your favourite and what interesting fact did you learn about this minibeast? On your worksheet write what your favourite creature is, draw a picture and tell me why you have chosen that particular creature.


Day 4 Superworm. There is a variety of activities that can be completed in relation to the story. You don’t have to complete them all. Chose the ones you think are easier to complete at home.


Making a mask for the ugly bug ball. Think of the type of bug that you are going to dress up as and select a template or simple design or make your own with the help of an adult. In class the children will be given the choice of a selection of materials to create their masks. I have put a selection of templates below so you have an idea of what to do. You don’t have to make a mask that is the same as your costume. You can be a muddled up bug if you wish. The choice is yours.


Scooters - You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week). Should develop confidence and fluency.