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Daily phonics


The Gingerbread man

Comprehension today. How much of the story can you remember? Read the story on the PowerPoint again with an adult. How much of the story can you read by yourself? Answer the questions below and draw a picture of your favourite part. An adult can help you with your writing however you must tell them your answer in a full sentence. Just let me know how much help you had.


Play a number addition game. You can play this with an adult and siblings at home. Link to worksheet below. Print a copy for each person playing (or draw your own). See who gets to complete their number additions first.


In the classic story of The Gingerbread Man, our hero gets eaten by the fox when he can’t get across the river on his own. Let’s design a bridge so the gingerbread man can get himself over the river to safety!

Talk with your child about what makes a good bridge. What characteristics does a bridge need, what are they used for, and what are they made of? Introduce your child to the different types of bridges, including arch, beam, cable-stayed, suspension, and truss bridges. Check them out on the internet.

Make your bridge indoors or outdoors and test it out. I have put some ideas below for you to have a look at. You could also test your bridge out to see how stable and strong it is.