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The Empire Strikes (back)! (Spring)

Throughout the Spring we will be learning about Invaders and Settlers. We have looked at life before Romans: The Celts, and their homes: roundhouses. Not all Romans lived in villas. We have researched and created some information leaflets about Celtic roundhouses and how they were made.

We have been looking at the different jobs the Celt tribe had, including basket weaving, building, cooking and the role a child would have played in the day to day routine.



In Science, we have been Rock Detectives. We have explored the school grounds for a range of rocks and have displayed them in the classroom. We have investigated what they are and what purpose they have, for example: a building roof; concrete path; brick; tiles.

We have also looked at the rocks beneath our feet in a science lesson which took us beneath the surface to discover the mantle, inner core and outer core.


We will be looking more in depth at the science behind natural disasters, particularly volcanoes, and we have been writing some fantastic descriptions of a volcanic eruption in Literacy to link our curriculum areas.



Celtic Roundhouse Leaflet

Celtic Roundhouse Leaflet 1
Celtic Roundhouse Leaflet 2
Celtic Roundhouse Leaflet 3
Celtic Roundhouse Leaflet 4
Celtic Roundhouse Leaflet 5
Celtic Roundhouse Leaflet 6
Celtic Roundhouse Leaflet 7

Roman Shields

Roman Shields 1
Roman Shields 2
Roman Shields 3
Roman Shields 4