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More Able Pupils

More able, gifted and talented pupils


Which pupils are involved?

  • Children who have an ability/talent within one or more areas of the curriculum but not necessarily in all (more able, gifted or talented).
  • Top 5-10% pupils academically in reading, writing and maths (more able).
  • Children with a particular ability in art, music, sport or the performing arts (talented).
  • Children working at a standard significantly above that which is expected in their

    current year group (gifted).


What do we do for these children at St Leonard's Lower?

  • Identify the able, gifted and talented pupils in school and add them to a register.
  • Support their class teachers to set individual targets and support (where appropriate).
  • Closely monitor their progress through meetings every half term.
  • Closely monitor provision for these children to ensure that they continue to make

    outstanding progress.

  • Explore opportunities for broadening their learning experiences in and out of class.
  • Involve parents by sharing targets and provision (where appropriate).