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Practise the words on the first two slides of the PowerPoint. I would usually have these on a flash card that the children would recognise as Story Green words and Red words and the second slide is the Speedy Green words.



Red Ditty Book 4 Ditty 2 In the net

Get your child to read the story on the last three slides. Instructions are on top of the page to help.

Complete a sentence. This needs to be completely independent. The missing words are all words that you have read in the story

This week our story is Aaaarrgghh, Spider by Lydia Monks.


Aaaarrgghh, Spider! By Lydia Monks

Written by Lydia Monks


Think about whether a spider would make a good pet or a bad pet.

Now write a sentence based on your reasons as to what kind of pet a spider would make.

Use the sheet provided if you can download it. Start you sentence with ‘I think a spider makes a ______ pet because…’


Spider counting number bonds to ten

Draw me the corresponding number of spiders to make 10


Use a poem as the starting-point for comparing minibeasts:

Explain that you are going to read a rhyme about a group of very unhappy minibeasts and, as you read the rhyme, you would like them to think about why the minibeasts are unhappy. After you have read the rhyme, encourage the children share their thoughts about why the minibeasts are unhappy, then read the rhyme again. Tell the children that the minibeasts are unhappy because they are comparing numbers of legs. Show the children the enlarged versions of the ‘Minibeast cards’ that match the characters in the rhyme. Look at each image in turn. Read the poem again and encourage the children can point out the correct minibeast for each verse, and put them in order.


Children to make their own simple versions of the minibeasts using Plasticine or play dough.        

(W30-50a, b; 40-60a; ELGi, iii)


Dear Postman story – You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week)