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Practise the words on the first two slides of the PowerPoint. I would usually have these on a flash card that the children would recognise as Story Green words and Red words and the second slide is the Speedy Green words.

Red Ditty Book 7 Ditty 2 Kiss Kiss


Get your child to read the story on the last three slides. Instructions are on top of the page to help.

Complete a sentence. This needs to be completely independent. The missing words are all words that they have read in the story.


Hold a sentence this can be found in the grey box. Read the sentence to your child and ask them to repeat it and tell them how many words in the sentence. Again this must be completely independent.

Handwriting You’ve got this!


This week our story is Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop by Tony Mitten and Guy Parker-Rees. Have a read or listen to the story online.

Story Time: Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop By Tony Mitton

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Day 1 Superworm. There is a variety of activities that can be completed in relation to the story. You don’t have to complete them all. Choose the ones you think are easier to complete at home.


Cardboard Roll Yarn Wrapped Bugs Craft

For our Cardboard Roll Wool Wrapped Bugs you will need cardboard rolls and a multi-colour ball of wool. The multi-colour wool just makes the whole thing easier, and more colourful. The rest of the supplies include googly eyes, pipe cleaners, felt, a single hole punch, tape, scissors, and glue. The instructions have been attached below.


Scooters - You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week). Should develop confidence and fluency.