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May Half Term

Yay! School holidays means I am not going to set any work smiley


I would usually be giving you a take away task to complete so if you would like a little project to keep you busy you can have a go at one (or both) of the tasks below.


Task 1 - Visit a garden.

Ok so we can't actually go and visit a garden but you can visit one virtually. Below is a link to website with over 30 gardens around England and Wales. Pick your favourite and watch the tour around the garden. Afterwards you can create a mini factfile on what you saw. You might want to include:

  • where the garden is (You could use a map to find out where it is )
  • what you saw
  • what you liked about it
  • what you didn’t like about it
  • any unusual facts about it.

Task 2 - Make a shoe box garden

Can you design and create your own garden in a shoe box?

  • You may be inspired by the style of the gardens we have looked at such as the Japanese Peace Garden or from gardens you have visited or create your very own design!
  • It can be made from natural or man-made products.
  • It can be no bigger than a shoe box.
Other activity ideas