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Information and Communication Technology prepares children to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to a range of technologies. In all year groups we aim to develop ICT skills, building upon previous experiences and developing them further. We also aim to introduce new experiences to help further their enjoyment of ICT.


At St Leonard's children become familiar with hardware and software and learn to use ICT tools responsibly and creatively from 4 Plus onwards. We have a range of digital cameras, audio equipment and programmable toys.


All our classrooms are fitted with Interactive Projectors and whiteboards .


All classrooms have their own bank of networked computers with secure access to the internet.


In addition we have trolley of 15 networked laptops that can be used for whole class ICT lessons. We have an increasing number of ipads in school.


All children have their own personal secure log in for the school's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). They can use this at home to access homework and a variety of other resources.