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I have lots of things to keep you all busy during term time. Below are some quick links for some resources and activities which you can dip in and out of. Under that there will be a weekly lesson activities linked to our topic and have a curriculum focus. There will be daily Maths and English tasks plus a range of Science, Computing, History, Geography, P.E, P.S.H.E and R.E to do throughout the week. I will set out the week's objectives which you can decide when to do them, if you want to do a day of literacy then of maths go ahead, or a little bit of everything every day you can do that too.


Don't forget there are loads of activities already on the class page in the different subject areas which you can also take a look at.


I plan to get Brian and Eros to help me so look out for any videos on here or on the Facebook page.smiley


If you want to send me any work to check or ask anything then please contact me at ljames@stleonardslower.co.uk

Quick Links

A file with some useful resources for helping you with maths such as: 100 square, number lines, squared paper, place value cards and a cut out dice.
                                             Useful Bits and Bobs

Class 2's Weekly Timetable

Visual Timetable Cards

Tidy Up Rhumba (Lyric Video)

Having trouble with kids tidying up after themselves? Well, you won't anymore as they dance and shake it all around to the rhumbatastic tune and make tidying...

Class 2 love tidying up to this!