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Daily phonics

If you have not done the phonics activity that was set yesterday (Thursday) then have a go with that. If you have done that ask an adult to help you with these new ones.

Easter Activities

On our Week Two Learning page there is an activity book for Tricky words which you can do when you have finished all you daily jobs.

Activity 1

Make an Easter basket. I have put a few templates below to help with some ideas. However, can come up with your own idea. It would be good to see how creative you can be.

Activity 2

Maths Find out the 3D name for an egg. Print out the egg template or make your own and decorate it using a repeating pattern. I have put a picture on for you to see what I am talking about. You can use any patterns that you wish.

Activity 3

Whose egg? Watch the YouTube video story.


Whose Egg?

Illustrated by Guy Troughton Read by: Miss Contreras Jewelle Tony Daisy Sebastian

Can you make your own Who’s egg? riddle.

Draw and name as many animals that you can think of that hatch from an egg. I will let you know who gets the most! Healthy competition.

Activity 4

Watch the PowerPoint to find out about why Christians celebrate Easter.

Activity 5

I have put some links below to other eBooks that you can share and read with your family.