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With your child’s help draw a large spider on a whiteboard or paper, and around the outside of the drawing write everything they already know about spiders.

Inside the drawing write all the questions they would like to find answers to (for example, they might ask: what do spiders eat? What are baby spiders like? Do all spiders make webs?).

WALT Children can comment and ask questions about aspects of their familiar world such as the natural world.

Print and label the parts of a spider.


I have put an instruction sheet on with what to do for your maths activity today. The first page is a warm up activity. You need about 8 to 10 coins, a mixture of 1ps, 2ps and 5ps. You will also need felt-tip pens and paper.


Outdoors (if possible) play a version of ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ The children pretending to be slugs and snails, edge forwards calling ‘What’s the time, Mr Bird(Thrush)? Adult to say various o clock times and so on. Once you decide it’s dinner time, turn quickly and chase all off the minibeasts back to the start. (MH40-60c; ELGii)


Dear Postman story – You should be able to read lots of these words (this can be read throughout the week)