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At St Leonard's the children learn through an exciting and challenging thematic based approach to learning called our 'Creative Curriculum'. Each term the children embark on new learning journeys and learning environments are transformed to reflect these. Each learning journey has been designed to enable the children to meet the expectations of the 2014 National Curriculum programmes of study both in terms of content and skills, in an engaging, inspiring and memorable way. The curriculum is a literacy rich curriculum, aimed at developing a love of reading and writing. Each learning journey is planned around high quality and engaging texts which are suited to children's ages and experiences. High quality visits and visitors are an important part of our curriculum planning and our wonderful outdoor environment and neighbouring country parks are used to support the children's learning wherever possible.


We endeavour to make learning in all subjects cross-curricular and meaningful to each child; providing real depth of understanding. However, we also provide opportunities to teach certain knowledge and skills discreetly that don't fit harmoniously within our learning journeys, for example phonics, spelling, handwriting, mathematics, religious education, physical education, PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) and French (Key Stage 2 only). Our year 2 class also takes part in a planned, weekly Forest School session.


Our curriculum is inclusive for all and it's design provides a strong foundation and opportunities for our children to work in teams and develop social skills both indoors and out. Pupils at all levels are helped to achieve their potential. Those who are most able are challenged and encouraged to expand their skills through higher order questioning and problem solving skills and those who find learning more challenging are given targeted intervention and support to embed skills and to learn in a style that best suits their individual needs.  


Embedded within our curriculum, throughout our teaching and learning is a whole school culture of 'growth mindset', encouraging our pupils to become confident and resilient learners. Our curriculum encourages pupils to relish challenges and embrace mistakes as part of the learning process, to value the importance of effort, to respond carefully to feedback and take inspiration from others. This will help them to achieve in their future lives as adults and as they move onto middle school.


Termly values are also embedded within our curriculum and within our whole school ethos through assemblies and classroom activities. Through these and through other areas of our curriculum pupils are given opportunities to develop socially, morally, spiritually and culturally, ultimately preparing them for life in 21st century Britain.  


For further information on how we implement our Curriculum please see the subject links on the following pages and the curriculum overviews below.

Curriculum Overview