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This week we will be carrying out spelling and reading assessments. Once these are completed I will send home spellings based on which group the children are in. Thank you for your patience while we complete these. 


In English this week, the children will be looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs and deciding which statements from the story are factual and understanding the difference between fact and opinion. We will look at using conjunctions, punctuating direct speech and using prepositions. 

In Maths, they will continue to look at number and place value. We will look at placing numbers on a number line, hundreds and representing numbers to 1,000.

In Topic they will explain where Ancient Egypt was locate and label a map of Ancient Egypt and its surrounding.

In Music, the children will explore and develop playing skills using glockenspiels. 

In P.E. the children will continue to develop their skills in Dodgeball and Multi-Skills. 

In Computing, the children will think about the questions "How does a digital device work?". They will look at what a digital device is and how the "input, process, and output" work. 

In Science, the children will explore the nutritional values of different foods by gathering information from food labels.